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lundi 18 octobre 2010

ZoneAlarm Pro 9.1.507.000. + Serial

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Redwood City, California) is a standalone Windows (XP, Vista or 7.0) software firewall that stops traffic threats that are arriving or departing from a personal computer. The firewall cooperates with antivirus software and antispyware from competing vendors.
Check Point also offers security suites that bundle the firewall with complementary security modules.
Firewall Features: 
Firewalls serve to protect by preventing infections. When infections sneak past the firewall, they become the responsibility of other guardians, namely antivirus software and antispyware. Once upon a time, the ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall included privacy control and scanned incoming email. Now that browsers have web-privacy controls and email applications scan incoming attachments, Check Point has streamlined ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall to avoid redundant functionality.


ZoneAlarm Pro 9.1.507.000 + Serial
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