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mercredi 11 août 2010

Outpost Security Suite Pro V7.0 3373.514.1234 + Serial

While Outpost Security Suite Pro is great internet security suites software, it lacks some of the secondary functions that our top ten rated suites offer. With this software you will be able to surf the internet with confidence, knowing that a superb firewall is looking out for you. Outpost easily identifies malware and stops it from communicating with your PC. Outpost also offers a unique feature, preemptive threat protection, which constantly searches for anything that might cause your system harm.

Outpost Security Suite Pro is offered in four languages: English, German, Spanish and French, and is compatible with most Windows operating systems. However, while these are all great features, we would have liked to see more antivirus protection.
Outpost Security Suite is one of those programs that rolls its antivirus capabilities into its antispyware functions.  In the case of this program, the effect is good enough to make each function worth using, but far from being capable of turning this program into a redeemable antispyware entity.  A lot more needs to be done in terms of beefing up its scanning capabilities and disclosing more information as to what the software can accomplish in this area.  The program monitors for spyware as it comes in and eliminates it before it can do any real damage and the on-demand scanner can eliminate threats in specified locations.
As we stated earlier, the antivirus features in this program are rolled into its antispyware capabilities.  It's difficult to tell when one starts and another begins.  You have to do a little bit of guess work before you click the scan.  When the antispyware and antivirus functions in a program are split into two different areas, it's not hard to tell where one starts and the next begins.  Antivirus and antispyware functions are very complicated.  Each one needs to be thoroughly explained to make the life of the average user much easier.  This is where Outpost Security Suite Pro falls desperately short.
Internal and external sources are prevented from inflicting serious damage on your system with the two-way firewall in Outpost Security Suite Pro.  It prevents malware from doing what it does best: spreading through your system and likely making it crash forever.  With this firewall, you're protected against unauthorized program activity, unknown malware, loss of personal data and hackers.
Other Security/Features: 
When you look on Agnitum's website for this product, it might seem like Outpost Security Suite Pro has a bunch of additional security features, but in reality, the set of additional features in this program is rather weak.  You can enjoy the benefits that go along with the antispam feature in the program, which can be trained to recognize what you believe is spam, but you will be disappointed when you go looking for other features.  There just isn't any there.
Ease of Use: 
We found Outpost Security Suite Pro to be below average in terms of ease of use.  The menus are hard to navigate and its features have a way of either not working or making your system function at a much lower level because it has slowed it down so much.  The average user is not going to like this program is they're short on patience.  It's only going to confuse most and frustrate an even larger group of people.
Users who have questions about Outpost Security Suite Pro can sort through the entries in the knowledgebase, look at the documentation for the program and take advantage of the web resources that are availabe.  They recommend that you exhaustively search through these options to find your answer before you decide to contact them.  You could either use a contact form or live chat support system to get in touch with the manufacturer.  Neither option works very well.  The contact form comes with endless response times and operators are rarely online in the live chat support system.  It would help if there were more options to contact the manufacturer.


Outpost Security Suite Pro V7 + Serial

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