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dimanche 11 octobre 2009

TrojanHunter 5.2 + Crack

TrojanHunter is a dedicated anti-trojan software with file memory and registry scanning. With an easy-to-use Scanner and a Guard that scans in the background TrojanHunter is a must-have complement to your virus scanner. Features include: High-speed file scan engine capable of detecting modified trojans. Memory scanning for detecting any modified variant of a particular build of a trojan. Registry scanning.

* Added detection of hidden Internet Explorer processes launched via COM automation
* Added trojan mutex detection
* Added bug reporting option if TrojanHunter crashes
* Added detection of suspicious svchost processes
* Added “This is a list of all the trojans TrojanHunter currently detects” label to Trojans page
* The Exit button is back
* Fixed bug with TrojanHunter Guard appearing at desktop center when using two monitors

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